Technology Voucher Program (TVP)

TVP fund focuses on sponsoring technological innovation in SME to increase productivity or make an improvement/ transformation for the service.


1.Registered location and substantial business operations should have been established in Hong Kong

2.Business must be related to the project under application at the time of application

3.The company should not be a government-subsidized organization or subsidiary of any government-subsidized organization.

  • Government- subsidized organization refers to the organization that received subsidiary from the Government on a frequent basis.


1.Successful applicant can designate a technology consultant to provide consulting service for their projects. Here the consultant must be registered in Hong Kong.

2.Applicant may purchase, rent, or order customized equipment, software, and technology solutions that are essential for their projects. The costs of such service will not exceed 50% of the project cost in general.

3.Project auditing can be offered for the successful candidate as well.


1.What is the role of project coordinator in the application?

  • The project coordinator of the application performs as a fundamental contact point between the candidate and ITC.

2.If my project was rejected by another Government funding agency, can I still apply for funding under the ITF?

  • Each fund has different scheme and eligibility criteria. Projects rejected by other scheme of funding does not mean they would be rebuffed by ITF as well. Still, applicants should uncover whether they have attempted/attempting to receive funding from other schemes or not.