BUD Special Fund

BUD fund sponsors Small and Medium companies willing to upgrade, transform, develop their brands or expand markets in ASEAN or mainland China.


1.Company should be non-listed and registered in Hong Kong with Hong Kong based substantive business operations

2.No restriction on whether the company belongs to manufacturing or service sector or already establish business operations in the ASEAN or mainland China.


1.Help the successful applicant develop a brand by formulating branding strategy, planning, brand positioning, and image design through a market research and brand review.

2.Introduce new technology, new design, system improvement, etc. to the successful applicant for upgrading their service.

3.Conduct domestic market research, formulate domestic marketing strategy, and establish domestic sales channel to promote sales in domestic market.


1.Is the funding only eligible for SME?

  • The fund is not only supporting SMEs. Enterprise that meets the eligibility and under the Business Registration Ordinance (chapter 310) can apply

2.Which industry does the funding support?

  • There is no restriction on type of industry.

3.Can advertising costs be funded?

  • The advertising costs including but not limited to newspaper, magazines, television, radio, internet can be funded, and the costs for advertising should not exceed 50% of the total expenditure from the project budget.