Operation Procedure

Grabbing the opportunity for funding is an intense competition.

To grab the chance, a knowledgeable expert who can conform the network and possess the know-hows to be selected for the funding is essential.

Tenya Consultant, our professional team, targets for 100% success rate.  


  • Step1


    Spot your business needs referring to the types of funding from product page

  • Step2

  • Step3


    We will analyze your service and find the best match with type of funding

    We provide given suggestions to reach 100% success:

    ‧Analysis of shortcomings to meet your objective

    ‧Identify areas that can be improved to increase competitiveness

    ‧Trends of applicants

    ‧Discover the advantages to help apply successfully

    ‧Cautions that must be noticed

  • Step4


    Help you to fully prepare for an application (Prepare for the documents and guarantee that you meet the eligibility)

  • Step5


    Continue the consulting service until you reach your ultimate goal after receiving successful fund