About Tenya


Our team is an experienced startup-supporter that has been supported 100+ startups with 12 million approved funding in Hong Kong. With robustly built know-hows and deep knowledges in the market, we target to provide the best service.


Our team is tailored based on the industry and the market you are engaged in. Such tailored service resulted 98% satisfaction of our clients and 95% of success for our funding business. We strives to arrange a tailored match for your service and suitable fund that will lead your business to a success.


Tenya Consultant wishes to be your ongoing partner that achieved 90% of returning clients.  The ultimate vision of our team is to expand social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and take a leap through a mutual synergy. Trustfulness among partners is a core value we pursue.

More about Tenya

Tenya Consultant provides the utmost support for all entrepreneurs and startups based in Hong Kong. We encourage innovative business executives in Hong Kong facing financial hardships to accomplish their goals.

Mission Statement

Right Support. Immense Achievement

Despite possessing a great idea, it is difficult to discover the right opportunity to make it happen. Joining in Tenya Consultant will provide you a comprehensive support, mainly focused on monetary support for leading-edge companies. Our team believes the right support is essential for the immense achievement. We are ready to be your ongoing partner until you fulfill your ambition.